This 75 sqm residence is located in a typical '50s apartment block in Kolonaki, Athens. The goal of the renovation was to transform it to a modern apartment for an actor. The two main decisions were: the removal of the walls in the core of the apartment who were dividing the space in 4 smaller rooms and second the connection of the kitchen with the living room through a big opening. This allows cross ventilation for the main living spaces and brings more light from the south openings of the kitchen to the north oriented living and dining room. The sleeping zone with the bathroom and the storage room remained untouched. The materials chosen try to give the feeling of an industrial space. Grey, black and white colors are successfully interwoven with OSB wooden doors and furniture combined with the preservation of the existing wooden floors.

March 31, 2012

PROGRAM Interior design
PROJECT Apartment renovation
CLIENT Private
SIZE 75sqm
COST 25000 €
LOCATION Kolonaki, Athens
DATE March 2012
STATUS built


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