USEARCHITECTURE is a creative architecture studio founded in 2009 by two young architects, Maria Koutsari and Antigoni Manolaki.

USEARCHITECTURE explores various fields of study, from digital design and fabrication to sustainable design, in various scales, from small architectural projects to regional and urban planning.
USEARCHITECTURE is delivering projects with great respect to the Urban, Social and Environmental parameters of architecture.

Recent Projects
architectural design and construction


PROGRAM Interior design, Landscape design
PROJECT Vacation house renovation
CLIENT Private
SIZE 100sqm
COST 30000 €
LOCATION Pefkochori, Chalkidiki
DATE March 2011
STATUS built
AWARDS Distinction in DOMES architectural awards 2012
PUBLICATIONS DOMES Greek Architecture Yearbook 2012

USEARCHITECTURE redesigned this summer house in Chalkidiki, Greece to provide more practical spaces to the family and its frequent visitors. The space at the attic was transformed into a comfortable quest room. The access to the room is redesigned with a special wooden stair providing extra storage. Privacy and light can be moderated with the special wooden structure which plays the role of a filter between the two spaces. There is no extra furniture. Everything is incorporated in the structure. A celebration of simplicity!

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