USEARCHITECTURE is a creative architecture studio founded in 2009 by two young architects, Maria Koutsari and Antigoni Manolaki.

USEARCHITECTURE explores various fields of study, from digital design and fabrication to sustainable design, in various scales, from small architectural projects to regional and urban planning.
USEARCHITECTURE is delivering projects with great respect to the Urban, Social and Environmental parameters of architecture.

Recent Projects
architectural design and construction

Etheres _ Vacation Houses

Etheres_Living in nature – vacation housing complex

PROGRAM Architectural design, Interior design, Hospitality
PROJECT Planning, Construction supervision

DESIGN TEAM Koutsari Maria, Manolaki Antigoni, Portokalis Valerian
CLIENT I. & C. Varvaressou
SIZE 450sqm
COST 1200K
LOCATION Nikiti, Chalkidiki
DATE 2022
STATUS built


CONSTRUCTION ETTA Construction and project management

LANDSCAPE Vitaverde Lanscape design

PHOTOGRAPHY Kim Powell photography

Etheres housing complex consists of natural stone, clean architectural volumes, mediterranean vegetation, clear blue sky, sea and mountain views, generous outdoor shaded and sunny spaces and water elements.

The housing complex consists of ten houses, in two different size types, placed in a  unique location next to the traditional village of Nikiti.

The main architectural gesture is a natural stone wall, which forms a folding surface and embraces the living spaces. This folding surface encloses ten private housing units and offers a precious privacy. Each one of the houses has a shaded terrace, a private pool and access to a private garden, designed as part of the greater garden area. The natural environment plays a significant role in this housing complex, as all openings, windows offer segments or frames of the natural environment as part of the experience.

Etheres housing complex is using sustainable energy sources for hot water, reuses rainwater for watering needs in the garden and reuses wastewater after being processed in a biological wastewater treatment, 100% based on plantation.

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