USEARCHITECTURE redesigned this summer house in Chalkidiki, Greece to provide more practical spaces to the family and its frequent visitors. The space at the attic was transformed into a comfortable quest room. The access to the room is redesigned with a special wooden stair providing extra storage. Privacy and light can be moderated with the special wooden structure which plays the role of a filter between the two spaces. There is no extra furniture. Everything is incorporated in the structure. A celebration of simplicity!

March 31, 2011

PROGRAM Interior design, Landscape design
PROJECT Vacation house renovation
CLIENT Private
SIZE 100sqm
COST 30000 €
LOCATION Pefkochori, Chalkidiki
DATE March 2011
STATUS built
AWARDS Distinction in DOMES architectural awards 2012
PUBLICATIONS DOMES Greek Architecture Yearbook 2012

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