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After 25 years of operation for ‘’Sonnenhaus’’ holiday apartments and on the occasion of the renovation of its facilities, the upgrade and redesign of the identity of the business was considered necessary. Sonnenhaus remains a family business, a characteristic which the new identity wants to combine with a new fresh contemporary image and higher hospitality standards. The earth-like colours and materials where chosen to create a family friendly environment and celebrate the Greek summer. Old materials such as marble floors and stone were restored giving a retro touch to the interiors. Hand crafted mosaics and paintings by the owners of Sonnenhaus reveal the special treatment the visitor is enjoying. The project was realised in the framework of the founding program; the architectural study, construction and follow up of the procedures for the program were undertaken by our office. The construction was realised according to a tight time frame in order not to obstruct the operation of the business.

April 8, 2015

PROGRAM Interior design, Hospitality
PROJECT Renovation of Holiday apartments
CLIENT Manolakis
SIZE 400sqm
COST 80000 €
LOCATION Olympic Beach, Pieria
DATE March 2014
STATUS built


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