Marina Hotel Pool & Spa

USE architecture designed and supervised the renovation of the interior pool and spa in Marina Hotel, Kato Gouves. The interior pool has been operating only in the beginning and end of the season and the area of the spa has been abandoned for many years. The purpose of the renovation was to create an attractive space in order to provide an extra service for the clients of the hotel and add value to the overall image of the business. The concept was to create a common identity with the minimum interventions in the pool area, the reception and waiting area of the spa as well as the spa areas (massage rooms, Jacuzzi, experience showers, sauna and changing rooms). The materials and colours were chosen in order to create and earth-like environment.

April 8, 2015

PROGRAM Interior design, Hospitality
PROJECT Renovation of Pool and Spa area
CLIENT Marina Hotel
SIZE 100sqm
LOCATION Kato Gouves, Crete
DATE March 2014
STATUS built


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