70 sqm

The main goal of the renovation was to redesign a typical ’70s apartment in order to adapt to the needs of a young couple. This has been achieved through partial demolitions, which form spacious living areas and lead natural light to all rooms. A completely new arrangement for the "wet area" allowed the creation of a comfortable bathroom and laundry room. Special respect has been paid as regards the choice of the material. Old marble floors have been preserved and restored while modern and light-coloured materials have been chosen for the new surfaces. The custom-designed furniture create a generous space both in the kitchen and the sitting area while at the same time they unify the two areas. The cosy and relaxed ambient is underlined by minimal decoration and discreet lighting.

April 16, 2014

PROGRAM Interior design, Residential
PROJECT  Appartment renovation in Thessaloniki
CLIENT  Zonara
SIZE  70sqm
COST  20000 €
LOCATION  Thessaloniki, Greece
DATE  August 2013
STATUS  built

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